You've said it: Money! And the media have to know the ill...

Cosme Perez - April 16 2018, 11:27 AM

You've said it: Money! And the media have to know the ill service it shows to your country.

I have a great respect for the Haitian people and the History of Haiti, as Juan Pablo Duarte, our forefather, also expressed in the past. I only have a difference of opinion with those Dominicans who claim that the island is "One and indivisible".

Haiti is a great country and we need to give a proper name (Quisqueya) to our country, to make clear that there are two "Dominican Republics" (in the island of Santo Domingo or St. Domingue).

That was the way Haitian's founders and our country's founders agreed upon the name of the island.

Let's work together for the defense of both countries in our island.

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