I personally believe it could have been named differently, but...

Frednel - March 29 2018, 8:39 PM

I personally believe it could have been named differently, but I find that « Good Friday « fits well because on that day, as Jesus getting tortured, our sinful-baskets were getting lighter and lighter and there our freedom starts.

Deliberations we hoped for came about! All our mess, shame, selfishness, lying habit, stealing habit, hatred, sexual immorality, and much more got crucified into one body that's willing to take it all on for us (he volunteered).

So we no longer have to sacrifice blood in order to be forgiven or accepted when something went wrong from our part. Plus, on that Friday, many feel like they're truly experienced the Father's love. So for many, it's a Good Friday because on that day all of their debts were canceled freely.

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