I am not in the business of judging you or your situation or...

I am not in the business of judging you or your situation or verifying the authenticity of your intentions.

God will do all that for you must answer to him however, it would be useful for you to give more background regarding yourself like: your name, school of attendance, year in school, your G.P.A and I assuming you are unable to get financial aide because you would have exhausted such resources.

Give more information and perhaps you will get a better response.

If everyone gave .50 or $1.00 it could make a differnce.

What is the price of gum or a soda to give to someone?

Are we worried of the accumilation that this student may get?

So what! Than it is this student's blessing.

Give and you will be surprised how blessings shall come your way because you wanted to help a fellow Haitian today.

We have all wanted help at one point or another and most times not received because people worry that you may be getting over or you should struggle like they did. I believe everyone deserves a gift free and clear at least once in this life time.


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Hey, I was born there myself, but I left when I was 2 years old. I can still find some pictures for you, because my...

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