What is even sadder is that Haiti is just realizing this. For...

Eunice Tassone - January 12 2018, 9:07 PM

What is even sadder is that Haiti is just realizing this. For the past 15 years young people that our organization educated through secondary school and university had to leave Haiti for Venezuela, Brazil and Peru because they could get jobs there.

Haiti could solve this problem if Haitian businesses would invest more in their own country creating jobs instead of waiting for outsiders to do this for them. The wealthy one percent living in their mansions in Petionville could care less about their own people.

They do not want to see their own people succeed because they like the prestige and power.

Our organizations has created jobs for the people in the villages we serve but our focus is on sustainable development and empowering the people to create their own jobs. I have worked in many countries and Haiti has some of the smartest and creative people I have met. They are also the hardest workers.

We work with farmers in the mountains who face the greatest of challenges trying to grow food to feed their families in a country that is a magnate for hurricanes and droughts.

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