As a member of the US Armed Forces, my heart goes out to the...

Reggie Cherubin - November 14 2017, 9:17 AM

As a member of the US Armed Forces, my heart goes out to the families of those fallen Officers, cause I know first hand what it's like to put yourself in harm's way every day. However, we must always proudly wear the uniform no matter the circumstances.

During yesterday, raid, we must not forget about the dozens of innocent people that were brutally butchered by the PNH. Yesterday, these Officers showed no professionalism and no mercy to no one on Route des Dalles, including innocent street merchants who were out and about their business.

They also arrested and beat 8 innocent boys around the 293 block of that same street, and not only shot one of them in the foot, but lied on their report that it was during a shoot out with the Police.

Although he was later released under the supervision of another USGPN Officer who intervened on that innocent victim's behalf, the remaining 7 boys are still detained at the Fire Station detention center, and are uncertain about their fate in this ever going Haitian corrupted Government and Police corps.

It is our moral responsibility to make sure that these innocent bystanders can get justice as soon as possible before they get labeled after being wrongfully framed by the PHN.

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