Cooking with Charcoal is much more healthy than cooking on any kind of gas

Magumbo G Muntu - November 10 2017, 1:56 PM

Where cooking is concerned, from my experience, Charcoal is better, simply because it's much more healthy, than cooking on any kind of gas. I'm not aware of the price of "Charcoal" in Haiti, it might be more costly.

but gas it's not healthier.

These are all the things that are killing us these days!!! And given us all kinds of diseases.

Most traditional ways of our ancestors are million of times better, and help us to live longer, It's our Diet is what's killing us these days. Customs that we have adopted for the Slave-Master.

Normally our diet is Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables, and fish. Boiled, stew. or baked or roasted.

(not fried)

We love KFC which stands for (kill fast certainly) because it's is all pumped up with hormones, with 100 chickens, in a cage that never walked out side that cage, with a light on them 24-7 making them think that it's is day-light,.

so it makes the lay much more eggs than normal.

The natural way (if we eat chicken???) it's certainly not better than our local chickens.

or local Beef, or Pork, to cut a long story short if it's not natural it's poison No good to eat. May the God of our Ancestors bless and guide us in everything positive that we do Bless Haiti forever.


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