Personally, I can't deal with ignorant people who have no...

Eunice Tassone - November 4 2017, 6:13 PM

Personally, I can't deal with ignorant people who have no knowledge of the real Haiti.

If they did they would never make the offensive remark that this Dominican made. As an enslaved country Haiti was the richest colony in the world and had much to offer.

They were punished for wanting to be free. Sadly, once they won their freedom, they really didn't have the skills to protect it. Europe and USA took advantage of these circumstances and literally raped the country of its wealth.

That's what happens when you refuse to educate your population by investing in education.

City and Rural populations in Haiti are like night and day with the largest part of the population living in the mountains trying to eek out a living by farming and making less than $500 usd annually.

They have no idea what the leadership in their government is doing.

They are struggling to feed their kids once a day. It's a country that is a magnet for natural disasters and are having difficulty recovering from the 2010 earthquake.

Add to that Hurricanes Sandy, Matthew etc. What they can give is their labor.

They want to work not receive handouts but you need outside investors to create job opportunities.

The wealthy one percent of the population are not investing in their own country.

Haiti's greatest resource is her people.

Unfortunately too many attitudes, such as this Dominican man, prevail throughout No. America because they actually believe what the press prints.

The US has a warning on is government website warning people how dangerous it is to travel to Haiti is a joke because the US is one of the most violent countries in the world.

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