Our organization is based in the mountains in the Cabaret...

Eunice Tassone - October 18 2017, 1:27 PM

Our organization is based in the mountains in the Cabaret region of Haiti.

There is only one road in unless it rains and then we have to off road. It is one the most beautiful areas of Haiti even though it is 85% deforested and we are constantly challenged by sinkholes.

The beauty of Haiti is in her people.

The people living in rural Haiti have no electricity or running water.

Food is scarce because it either rains too much or too little.

They take care of each other and always have a smile on their face regardless of the numerous hardships they have to face every day. The real Haiti is in the mountains.

Because travel is so challenging few tourist ever really see the real Haiti.

See the related photo:

This beautiful picture of Haiti is not newsworthy, It does not sell newspapers!

Have ever seen a beautiful picture on the internet and wondered: where is this place? Well, this is beautiful image...

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