Job creation would in fact bring a change for the better to...

Paul - October 14 2017, 12:04 AM

Job creation would in fact bring a change for the better to Haiti.

I agree with you about the lack of skills, but can still use manual labor in different ways.
Haiti needs infrastructure.

Therefore, thousands of jobs could be created by employing haitians in building new infrastructure and repairing existing one.
Although this is an excellent idea, there is a problem with it: No money to pay those workers.The government will tell you that flat out that "LETA PA GEN LAJAN".

This brings out our second idea: Manufacturing.

There are a lot of opportunities in manufacturing.

Haiti could manufacture goods for the US at a competitive rate. Cheap labor is alive and well, and provided to the US by China, Korea, India.

While it does require a little bit of training, it can be done in Haiti.

We use to export superior quality baseball balls to the USA.
Think for a moment at the proximity of Hati to the USA, versus those other countries.

That alone is an advantage we have. All we need is someone with a vision for the better of the country.

I don't want to bring politics into this, but it's hard to attract potential investors in Haiti when the news talks about a group asking for the resignation of Jovenel Moise.

Investors don't want to risk their money in an unstable country.

Can you blame them?

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