No doubt, it is a good article. My question is when will...

Capois - August 8 2007, 3:35 AM

No doubt, it is a good article.

My question is when will political affairs will no longer day to day activities in Haiti?

Why every time we have election in Haiti "ti marie pa monte ti marie pa desan" We've been going to that cycle for sometime now. I am ready to go back home to open my own business, but what will happen when we have a new government?

I have friends and family who went back to Haiti after Baby doc went to exiled and had to leave the country due to insecurity.

Same thing happened after Titide election.

What kind of safety measures they have in place right now to stop the next "coup d'etat" which seems to happen frequently in Haiti.

I have capital to invest but the risk is imminent.

Like they say "Haiti se yon te glise ..."

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This is a very good article and I will make sure that...

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