Shout out for Chief Mario Andresol

Anny - August 7 2007, 11:25 AM

I think is a good thing that chief Mario Andresol is putting security in Haiti.

A big shout out for him because I thierst for a news like that. because every where I meet an haitiean talking about Haiti it never a good news. I left the country 9 years ago I dream on going back but the insecurity situation got me stock on dreaming land. I think that is time for the haitien who have opportunity to change the life in Haiti do something about it because is a shame to be where you not wanted.

Haitien need to know that they don't have a welcome flag in the united state.

Us be able to be there is just politics plan simple.And another thing haitian need to know what ever that they do this litle island that they doing it to them selves.You guys need to stop in the name of Lord, stop destroying the country.

After all the hard work that our ancestor did to make us a free country, you guys make all theirs bloods, theirs hard work wasting we don't deserve to have such hornable ancesters.

I pesonnaly think if dead does have power they all would have come back to hunt all of the back stabers, all the kidnappers, all the criminals.

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