Carrie Solages has the "Right" to be treated fairly! He also...

Dennis Woody Powers - July 27 2017, 7:37 AM

Carrie Solages has the "Right" to be treated fairly! He also has the "Right" to defend himself in a fair trial by a fair and un-bias jury. He has the "Right" to be free from Cruel and Un-usual Punishment if he's convicted on [domestic violence] charges.

None of these protections were given to Darryl Woody who was arrested on (falsified) domestic violence charges on Dec. 24th [Christmas Eve] 2010. Carrie Solages, unlike Darryl Woody, was treated 'Civil' when he was arrested.

Darryl Woody was abused, beaten and denied medical attention for the injuries he sustained while being interrogated by Williston Park detectives trying to force him to sign a false statement incriminating himself.

Darryl Woody was taken to NCCC where it was reported that Darryl Woody attempted suicide at the police station.

This in an effort to justify Darryl's head injuries.

He was placed on 1to1 Suicide Supervision and segregated from the general jail population.

Then on Dec.24, 2010 Darryl Woody was begging for his medications and medical treatment when he was attacked, brutalized and then tortured by seven jail guards that responded to Darryl Woody's (supposed) attempted suicide_while on 1to1 Suicide Supervision and held in a suicide prevention cell. Darryl was (supposedly) allowed to remove part of a smoke detector to use to slash his wrist and neck in an effort to get his [prescribed] medications and medical treatment for the head injuries that interrogating detectives described as "banging his head against a cement wall." Darryl was taken to the medical unit at NCCC where he was hidden away for seventeen hours and [repeatedly] tortured by pepper gas by correctional guards at the jail. He was pepper gassed on four separate incidents and treated four times for burns that he received from the excessive force and abuse.

Darryl words were "I did this to get my medications.

I told them when I came in that I needed my medications and they wouldn't give them to me." [I'm sorry] but I need them. Days later while 'still' on 1to1 Suicide Supervision, and 'still' awaiting a bed in the psychiatric ward at NUMC, Darryl Woody was (supposedly) "Found" hanging by a sheet in the mental observation ward by jail guard that were suppose to be watching him on 1to1 Suicide Supervision (suicide-watch).

His death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and NCCC. These government protected files have been denied to us by NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County (corrupt) Supreme Court Justices.

NUMC blames the jail. NCCC blames the Medical Center.

Both conspire to obstruct justice by hiding the Video(s) that depicts Darryl Woody's neglect, abuse, torture, deliberate indifference, and the 'true cause' of Darryl Woody's death, while 'still' on [1to1] Suicide Supervision and under doctors care at NUMC. Mr. Carrie Solages was elected to the legislature that voted to approve the installation of the Video Surveillance Cameras ordered by federal authorities and Nassau County's DA's Office in response to the [1999] beating (stomping) death of inmate Thomas Pizzuto for begging for 'his' prescribed medications.

Five jail guards were convicted for Pizzuto's death.

Thomas Pizzuto's death forced Nassau County's (former) top Executive Thomas Gullota to install Cameras at NCCC and in the medical areas at NUMC. Darryl Woody, on the other hand, was denied this investigative tool that was suppose to protect the safety and security of correctional-staff and inmates.

The Video Cameras were supposedly installed to protect the integrity of investigations into excessive force abuse claims by inmates against abusive (killer) jail guards at NCCC. Legislator Carrie Solages should show due diligence in this Matter Of Darryl Woody since he too was arrested for the same charge in Nassau County.

Carrie Solages is innocent until proven guilty.

"What About Darryl Woody!" His death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NUMC and NCCC. Cameras approved by the legislature! Unfortunately, Darryl Woody wasn't entitled to the same Constitutional Protections that Carrie Solages was given.

Carrie Solages got released on his own recognizance; Darryl Woody got death and depravation of his Civil Rights to a fair trial that considers all the evidence and facts.

Legislator Carrie Solages is in a unique position facing domestic violence charges.

His position on the legislature is to uphold his ethical duties to the public and to Darryl Woody.

All Carrie Solages has to do is ask "What About Darryl Woody!" to start the inquiry into the denied Video Surveillance Recordings of Darryl Woody's death.

He too may have been a victim of the corrupt judicial system that hides the truth! 'What Does NUMC, NCCC, and Nassau County's government administration (led by his 'Boss' (federally indicted) Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano) Have To Hide?

"We Can Handle The Truth!" Yes. Solages has the Right to be silent but his elected position in government requires that he speak out against fraud, corruption, and criminal actions that Nassau County tax-payers pay for in jury awards.

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