First, thank the gentleman for making an observation. Perhaps...

Lenz - June 21 2017, 5:42 PM

First, thank the gentleman for making an observation.

Perhaps admit you didn't see it that way. Second, I call BS about being thrown out of the truck.

If that's the case, create makeshift seat belts if you need to. No matter how you cut it, it does not look good to be in a cage. Three, I say the real reason for the cage trucks are concerns for security because perhaps a truckload of foreigners has a higher risk comparatively with the local Haitian population of getting stuck up on the road. Whoever is in charge of cultural sensitivity training and logistics failed.

Lastly, recommending an "attitude adjustment" of the individual does not seem in line with Christian doctrine.

He's obviously hurt and offended by what you are doing.

So, where's the empathy?

And where's the attempt to understand where he's coming from rather than shutting him down?

Perhaps you are hurt too lending to your response.

No need to take a jab at Haitians living in urban areas.

They tend to travel to the provinces to visit family, summer break, etc. They know the country better than you do. No need to assume otherwise.

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I am one of the missionaries that has a caged truck...

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