I wrote an eBook that you can buy from my website...

Marie Josette Calixte Mba - June 11 2017, 6:19 PM

I wrote an eBook that you can buy from my website 1haitian1project.com using paypal.

I outline - in the eBook - a business you can start from scratch with sales from day one. It is a canteen.

A canteen is a cafeteria.

That is also the type of restaurant that we see in the States where the customer can choose/compose their dish item by item before they pay.

The eBook gives valuable information and guides actions step-by-step.

It goes further: it shows the reader the thinking process that guarantees durable success.

Though the eBook focuses on canteens, in many occasions, ideas can be borrowed for other types of activities and industries.

Beware! Adjust accordingly.

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