Suddenly I want to be organized!

Mimi - February 24 2007, 10:05 AM

Hey Woody,
It's Mimi. I was smilling throughout your article and I find out that your friend Roland and myself are organized in the same way. I have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past ten years and in the middle of the fourth year I learned to organized my plans as well as my props in a file cabinet and several large bins for my props that are labeled sealed, and stored in my basement apartment.

For my office I usually keep all my important documents in the file cabinet, I updated them every three months and throw the trash out. With todays technology, there are so many ways to store and keep your important documents for years and will still be in great conditions.

I use sticky pads, pencils and a highlighet, when I'm not too busy or I get some help from my son, I used the highlighted info and stored them then discard the rest of the info that's not needed.

You will be fine woody in getting organized.

Everybody has there own ways in an organization that works for them. I believe you have your own ways and it will in turns work for you once you get organized.

Enjoy your weekend as I stay cold, freezing in this crazy weather!lol Maybe one day I'll be able to join all of you in that beautiful weather in the future lol
Have a Good one!

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