The failure of the regularization plan. We are writing with...

Injustice Social - April 6 2017, 12:11 AM

The failure of the regularization plan.
We are writing with frustration and pain this letter to denounce the hypocrisy of politicians involved in the plan of regularization of foreigners in the Dominican Republic, and you can know the truth and read it here Or Google it "Failure regularization plan in RD" you will see the truth of this national shame.

We have been deceived, like fools we were doing queue bringing documents to their offices in order to have the right to live as a human, but turned away, for this reason we are denouncing this humiliation, social injustice.

With tears and broken hearts we are asking for help, screaming and pain we request your assistance in resolving this problem that affects us as foreigners and to our children born in the Dominican Republic.

Please do not ignore our cries, we are tired of being discriminated, tired of being disappointed in this country and treated like garbage.

Please take concrete actions in our favor, we beg you, have mercy oh please help us get this Identification Card for the sake of our future and our family.

We can not continue to suffer like this anymore, so please help! Help! What is worse and shameful, the press published racist videos against us: and Here

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The failure of the regularization plan. We are...

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