365 Days of resolutions

Franty Cleophat - January 3 2007, 2:59 PM

Woody, I must say one thing I like about you is that you have a vision.

I noticed that since I met you in "Vin---" Cambridge, MA. We are both young, same age with kids. I can compare myself with you in somany ways; such as, asking my mom who was from the countryside of Bainet, how come she did not know how to read?

When she answered me I was sadden to know that my grandmother did not want to send them to school.

But the best that I could have done to pay her back was at least teaching her how to right her name so tha when she is asked to she did not have to write and "X" on the line.
We do need to go back home to improve the next generation.

We do not need get into politics.

Nor do we need to bad mouth the one who are afraid to go back home to make a difference.

One thing that we can do is that we can bring the different talents that we have to teach the young one to better the future of Haiti.

After all, When Haiti is good, we all want to go for vacation.

Am I not right?

I believe that it takes one person for an action or planto be executed.

Just like Bookman did and Toussaint and his battalion followed through.

this year just began and with your resolution, I think that many of us will put a little bit more positive thoughts into Haiti.

One person can not be a hero but it takes a million of one to be heroes.

Let's look at it in a kids point of view; Lion-O could not be successful without his followers, Voltron could not be transformed without the other parts, and so on. What I am trying to say is that our resolution should be involving others that have the same goal for Haiti or part of Haiti that we are all from. Some will face challenges and some will run away from it but the only way to accomplish a challenge is to make a difference in our future.

As you mentioned, the old is getting old and if we do not help the young, then we will not have a place to go to, to retire, and for vacationing.

My dear friends, brothers, sisters, mom and dad from the land of Haiti; we need to sometimes read and listen to the person next to you so that you can see that our future depends on the next generation in Haiti.

No matter how much you said that you will not go back home, but remember that you left you DNA in every corner of Haiti.

Woody, anpil moun-n pwal fe ou dekourage min kin be la sa gen pou li vinn change, stay positive.


Franty Cleophat

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