Jah love. I don't think that there are any volcanoes in Ayiti...

Marie Nadine Pierre - June 13 2016, 2:18 PM

Jah love. I don't think that there are any volcanoes in Ayiti.

I believe that your dreams are about good things that are going to happen in the near future for Ayiti and her people.

For me, volcanoes are a positive force and their eruption represents a passionate desire being unleashed.

Volcanic matter creates new land for folks to dwell.

And more than that the new soil is extremely fertile.

So, we have to work hard and insist that there is a fair and transparent election in October so that we can elect a president who will uplift and empower Ayiti and her people.

Fire cleanses and destroys at the same time. And let us pray that the fire in your dreams represents the hard work and determination that it will take to have good and honest governance in Ayiti once again.

Blessed love.

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