When the time come to give opinion about the word of God, I am...

Patrick Princivil - June 5 2016, 8:28 PM

When the time come to give opinion about the word of God, I am very happy to give my opinion, but for this one unfortunately I am unable to give my opinion because I don't speak english, I don't understand english, and I can't write english.

I don't speak french, I can't right french; I just understand creole because I speak creole I just understang the french a little bit; I speak creole, but I don't really write creole properly, my spelling is not very good because I didn't learn to whrite creole when I was at school in Haiti; the reason I am proud of me when I gave my opinion in creole nobody criticized me about my spellind in creole maybe because creole is not a comercial's laguage like english frenche and spanish.

That's why I prefer to give my opinion in creole, because I am more confortable with my creole, anyway: Let me try.

I remember one day I was sharing the word of God with my neighbors in the neighborwood, where I was born, there was a seventh day adventist like me who cried loud and said to me: everydays I tourmented his ear by saying all the time God! God! God! God, if I am the one who know God than everyone.

What I heard white now is totally different.

The one who sit down at the church with me all the time tried to shut my mouth with our God; now a next group try to shut our mouths by stoping us revealing Satan and the bad angel's activities.

If someone who pretended saying christian tried to chut my mouth off with the word o God, today someone-else tried to tell us just stop to talk about Satan and the bad angels in the middle of the distress we are; this mean: if I stop to talk about God, our saviour and I stop to teach the nation to watch these enemies who are Satan, and the bad and angels who used the voodoo priests, witchcraft, freemason (lougawou, sanpwèl, bizango, masonlòj, bòkò, ougan, manbo, pwazon, zombi) to destroyus, how wi will survive in front of these criminels?

It look like you told us we shouldn't talk about Joseph Martelly when he was president and then he would do whatever he wanted to do in the machines with PHTK to put Jovenel Moise (nèg bannan nan) president if nobody said anything about that we would have a third dictator's system (apré nou sé nou) to suck our blood; we would have president for life turn back again like (ké makak) to finish with the rest of the nation.

Imagine all the blood suckers gather together to keep us in the poverty, sell us in the witchcraft, freemason, (sanpwèl, bizango, bòkò, ougan, manbo, rara, voodoo, lougawou) for sacrifice, now you tell me don't talk about these blood sucker and the criminals!

Hé Héy! Chalmas, ala koté gen kozé papa.

If you told us don't talk about Satan and the bad angels with all his demons he use to harm us on the earth, it will be better for whoever who said that, just close our eyes on Jocelerm Privert and then he will put Moise Jean Charles President without election; after 5 years he will put his own CEP, they will continuously do the same thing like Réné Préval have done to put Jude Céléstin in power in 2010; ex-president: Michel Martelly would continuously do the same thing.

Now if we shut off Jocelerm Privert will do the same thing; Moise Jean Charles will be president of Haiti without election, next will be Marise Narcisse, and then Lavalas parti will be president for life. The anti-Lavalas will have to burn tires on the streets, (déchoukaj) etc. like 1986; JPP. Diaspora we will lose our identities forever, just die in others's countries like silly who don't have brains.

Mézanmi mwen pa palé langue moun yo, yap éséyé maré pyé nou ak langue anglè ak fransè pou yo ka drivé nou nan farine pi byen. Tout vyé tralala sa yo sé pou yo ka fè vyé négosyasyon ak blan zyé vèt yo anba tab pou vyé dola Amériken vèt, plen madichon ak sang: mélanjé ak zèv masisi ak madivine san konsantman ti klas pòv la; sé sa yap fè dépi an 1804; kou sa a genlè pap pasé o nom de Jézi.

Ti nèg vlé fè nou konpran poun palé de bonDyé sèlman, épi bliyé satan ak mové zanj yo pou yo ka fè dyab la ravajé sak fèb yo pi byen: wayan! O nom de Jézi, pa mwen-menm.

Yon té dim kém palé de bonDyé twòp, épil té dim si sé mwen ki konnen nom bonDyé sa a pasé tout moun; men kounyé gen moun kap plenyen sou zafè crétyen ki pou pa dwé palé de satan ak mové zanj yo, nou tap mélé.

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