Kidnapping in Haiti.

Maxcine Roberts Desauguste - September 7 2006, 7:35 AM

I am a full born Bahamian.

My husband is a full born Haitian.

We have been married for seven years.

I really do love Haiti but it scared me the last time to see what's happening in Haiti right now. On the sixteen of August of this year, my husband and my two kids, ages four and ten, went to visit his family.

We were leaving to come back home. To my surprise at the airport this man pulls out a gun on my husband, just because my husband told my four year old son to come thru the metal detector.

He held our son by the hand and in no time there was this gun pulled on my husband not to mention in the front of my kids. That was terrible.

I have applied for citizenship for my husband.

At first he never wanted to give up his, but because of that ordeal he is giving up his passport.

I would like to get a response please.

Thank you.

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J. Louis says...

in the name of the haitian people accept my sincere apology for what had happen to you in Haiti.I habeen to the Bahamas 3 times as a... more »

God Is Real says...

well sweet girl their is one thing i want to tell you that i am very sorry that it happen to you like but i am a Bahamain born of Haitian parents i... more »

Maxcine Roberts Desauguste says...

yes i am replying to the post that speaks about kidnapping and also my husband being embrassed at portu prince airport. more »

David Rich says...

Hello Maxcine, I sympathize with you for what happened. Your situation clearly depicts the lack of education among some Haitians authority. I agree... more »

Shanty Johnson says...

hay i'm haitian too my parents was born there but i have never been there myself and to think about it i don't ever think i will i have heard so... more »

J C says...

i can't tell you or your husband what to do,and i'm very sorry for the insident at the airport but after all he is haitian no matter what he does... more »

Jn Yrey Jean Frene Sarazin says...

Salut: Vous le savez deja que je suis haitien,je vis a delmas.J'aimerais que vous me donner plus d'information sur cet site que vous m'aveiz envoye... more »

Sergo says...

I am sad to learn the bad experience you had while visiting my country. This situation started since the dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier left the... more »

M. L says...

Mrs. Bahamian, I'm very sorry that your husband and children had to go through this ordeal. I'm a haitian born myself who loves to go home... more »

Verdes Lauriston says...

I hope one day we have an institution who can govern our contry well,one thing i am going to tell you,you can judge one haitian but not all of... more »