When I got on it was already past 8, I probably missed part of...

Lucdor Wagley - April 19 2006, 7:32 AM

When I got on it was already past 8, I probably missed part of it.

But there were a few things that I liked:

1. your words: "we are a young nation"

Indeed, we are. But for a young nation, we've certainly paved miles and miles on the not-so-much-progressive road. Thus, that doesn't totally justify our not performing so progressively.

2. the words of one of the other speakers: "li lè pou n sispann mete yon moun nan yon fim paske li se yon zanmi sou katye a"

Yes, to a certain extent this holds true for us Haitians.

And as long as the lack of professionalism continues to prevail in our films, foreign movies will earn more of our people's revenues.

But make no mistake, people aspire to greatness; whereever the good movies are that's where they will lean toward.

...who knows?

maybe in the next few years we will see more increase in "Quality" and not in quantity.

~well done, I am out!

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