Haitians forget their roots: The wealth of all Haitians is in...

Jean Rhau - August 2 2015, 8:18 AM

Haitians forget their roots:
The wealth of all Haitians is in the ground that they have abandoned to clog the streets of Port-au-Prince looking for a factory job that does not exist or is rare to find.
God gave us the ground with all its wealth, let us go back to planting, agriculture in Haiti is our wealth from the very beginning and we gave it up to import everything we consume.

How do you expect to produce when you purchase everything and you have nothing to export to other nations in order to have an inflow of money from other sources?

I know that agriculture is not for everyone.

However, too many unskilled individuals are wasting their time in Port-au-Prince while they could be productive somewhere else in their own backyard...We need the professionals, but we also need the peasants to do what they do best. My dad who is 100 years old now, raised us 12 children from working the ground and we were not poor according to the standards of life in those days. We all went to school and learned how to read and write and today, we are all productive here in America and Canada...We have allowed other members of our family to continue to work the ground in Haiti and we support them the best that we can..

we are doing fine thanks be to God...So wake up Haiti and be what you have been called to be: " The Pearl of the Caribbean"

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