Wow, I just happened to come across thus sight and had no idea...

Angel - July 9 2015, 10:29 AM

Wow, I just happened to come across thus sight and had no idea the issues your people must face. I live in Canada and have to say that these situations and daily struggles are largely unreported in our media.

It is truly a shame that all humans are not treated equally.

I just wanted to say that I love you and send my most heartfelt human compassion and empathy for the trials and pains of each of you. I wish if for only ever one wish in this whole wide world to be allowed ever that all of human kind would follow but one law, THE GOLDEN RULE. To treat each individual ONLY as you yourself would like to be treated, and LOVE your neighbors as you would your brother.

Not a hungry stomach nor a unsheltered family, no rich or poor, no broken hearts, homes, or souls.

Just LOVE for all....

GLOBAL LOVE. Just sending my thoughts...

Hope it inspired someone out there.

Peace and Love Always xo Angel.

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