Dear Mia Love In 2013 the supreme court of Dominican Republic...

Eddy Jeantel - July 9 2015, 5:05 AM

Dear Mia Love
In 2013 the supreme court of Dominican Republic revoked citizenship o thousands of haitians descent born in the country after 1929. in 1937 Dominican Republic tried to do the same thing, to cleanse it of haitians under the president of Rafael Thruillot after ordering a massacre that slaughtered more than 50.000 (thousands) .Last week the police forces and Dominican armies told them if they don't want to see an other 1937 they have to go in haiti.

Now in haiti more than 60 thousands refugees most of them they were born in Dominican Republic, the government seized every thing they have leave them with nothing.

Mia I would like you to do any thing in your power to get sanctions, to boycott the tourist industries for racisim and human rights violations.

I would like you put pressure on president Danilo Medina to get alls haitians dominican back to dominican rep, they are now in haiti stateless not even speak creole or French only language they know is spanish.

Mia this situation is very painfully for the haitians, I Count on you for a solution.

Eddy Jeantel
7441 Limekiln Pike apt b10
philadelphia PA 19138

Thank you

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