I fell your pain...I feel your pain. From a former "slave...

Dr1 - July 7 2015, 10:08 PM

I fell your pain...I feel your pain. From a former "slave" doing 1000 times (DR) better than you ans ia a shame with us being the only true blood line Haiti has you and many other Haitians are so bitter and unappreciated of the things we do for you guys. Loser.

We are not the sourse of your problems! Deportation of illegals is a must and will continue as the right of any sovereign nation.

Even you vocabulary is so childish, ridiculous, and Ignorant.

Go to any of out universities like many other Haitians and get educated.

Forgot, we gave you one for free in your own country...what happened?

You guys turned into a mess like everything else you guys touch! How many people got stoned, rape, robbed, sick, today in Haiti?

Worry about that and leave us alone!

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Ricart, if it wasn't for those hardheaded Haitian who...

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