What issue? That there should be another 3 million illegal...

Aldo - July 6 2015, 2:31 AM

What issue?

That there should be another 3 million illegal Haitians allowed in the Dominican Republic because...

(fill in with your own pathetic excuse).

When are you Haitians start to clean YOUR OWN MESS like we have tried so our people do not have to migrate?

But how is the DR to come out of chronic underdevelopment?

Haitian illegal migration robs poor Dominicans from jobs by depressing salaries.

Haitian criminals KILL Dominicans every day. Haitian prostitutes spread diseases and scare tourists.

Haitian women PIMP and ENSLAVE their children in the DR, even to be BEGGARS on the streets.

How much of this Haitian illegal immigration helps the DR?

It helps the FEW ones who exploits them, and screws the rest of us Dominicans.

Illegal Dominicans get deported from everyhwere...and Haitian illegals can not be deported from the DR because...

(fill in with another pathetic excuse)!

Response to:

Inhumane!!!! Society can't be that heartless to allow...

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