Honestly, i woukd rather die tham tp spend 5 secs in rd, my...

Jj - July 2 2015, 9:50 PM

Honestly, i woukd rather die tham tp spend 5 secs in rd, my only problem is how they are deporting them but other than that i want the rd to deport all haitians, ou ka relem mechan whatever.

Once all Haitians are deported than im ready for either "stonger, ordely, construct Haiti or a broken dead Haiti" honeslty minm sim t fe pati nan depote an tou m ta pral lakay mw, m bouke ak eta Haiti an mwen. Pito nou tt Haitian mouri olie nap soufri konsa including my self. Rightnow the pain im going through to see how rd are treating my people and how other big contries dont want my country to move forward it woukd be better for all Haitians to die and end this misery.

When one Haitian suffer all other "true Haitians" suffer with them as well

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