How is it "inmoral" "inhumane...?" Stop being fixed on the...

Dr1 - July 2 2015, 1:43 PM

How is it "inmoral" "inhumane...?" Stop being fixed on the DR!!! We are NOT the soutce og your problems!!! Yes, ilegals have to be deported! Talk about the rate of STD's in Haiti, thr rate of AIDS, the rate of killings, the rates of rape to youg girls, robberis, the rate of illiterate people, talk about the way you guys behave and act as about that and let the DR do what it must as an INDEPENDENT NATION!!! Mind yout own business.

Deportation is not illegal.

TALK ABOUT HOW THE US, BAHAMAS, BRAZIL, ECUADOR, and so on treat your nationals and how they deport you, HAITIANS.

YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE THINGS ER AS A NATION AND YOU GUYS ALWAYS TRYING TO LUT US DOWN!!! Ignorant! You have this medium and you use it fo spread nonsense.

What an Idiot you are. Then again, what can we expect from a Bias Haitian towards the DR.

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