I spoke to the director in Haiti. he has a 954 number to call...

Baby4me - June 9 2015, 7:35 PM

I spoke to the director in Haiti.

he has a 954 number to call him directly.

He quoted me $3700 per IVF cycle, not including the price of the medication which can run anywhere between 3-6 thousands here, but I don't know about the price of the meds in Haiti.

They don't have a website with info on it which they should because so many other countries including Dominican Republic have packages where they put you in a hotel close to the hospital, plus the IVF, so it's like a vacation.

Anyway, I wish they did have a website with all infos in it just like here.
Now as far as being able to freeze embryos for later use or even if they will put in more than 1, I don't know. The doc said to be in Haiti the first day of menstrual period.

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where is CHITAI in P.A.P. and how much is the IVF...

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