Begging in haiti has become a way of living in haiti, wether...

Natasha Ducasse - April 14 2015, 11:09 AM

Begging in haiti has become a way of living in haiti, wether by phone, letters or in person.

I am not shocked to hear your story at all. I myself encounter this unpleasant situation almost on a weekly basis while living here in the US to the point where i have to change my phone number, hide my facebook profile as an effort to become more invisble to those beggers.

They have created many ways of begging, they use stories, they use family members, children, they do online, they target disapora's all over the world within the haitian community.

Some will show their private parts online for $10,20,30,50 dollars, they beg for phones, school money, clothes, food just about anything and you know the sad part is that when you visit haiti, some of them are better off than you. Sometimes they have the latest of everything.

Please be aware that some of these scumbags are professionals they spent many hours a days planning, discussing how to beg and get what they want as if your responsible for their entire existance.

I was in haiti at one time and when i arrived at the airport a gentleman proceeded to help me with my luggage which i could have done myself, but since he insisted i agree, when i got to the street i gave him $10.00 he was shocked and told me it was not enough that he had kids to send to school and that i should"jerem" meaning take care of him, since he has to support his afamily.

I mean what kind of shit is that. I have a family to support to and i work to get what i need. This begging has taken a new level, something must be done to stop this non-sense.

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