My friend, I have to tell you the truth, when you find...

Patrick Princivil - April 7 2015, 2:06 AM

My friend,

I have to tell you the truth, when you find somebody in any conditions like that don't criticize this person a motorcycle mean nothing if it doesn't have any money to put gas inside maybe he or she was in distress to make it work, maybe this person don't want to be a kidnaper or thief or drug dealer he or she is struggling like everybody, it doesn't look good to reveal thing like that on the system, if this person knows about what's going one behind his back you don't believe he or she can kill he or herself?

If this person get lost because of what you have done against him or her the blood will fall on you.

Let us pray for each other to be in a positive way, this is the consequences of sin, (an nou pardoné youn ak lò).

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