Oh shit! Negroricart, I see that you care so much about Haiti...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 20 2015, 8:34 PM

Oh shit! Negroricart, I see that you care so much about Haiti; therefore, you are neglecting yourself: no shower, no teeth brushing, and no ass whipping so you have time to hit your keyboard so people know that you are here talking about Haiti as everyone else is. What an idiot.

We the Haitian people, we have enough opinion about our country, as a result, we do not need your stupid opinions, and you can keep them to your stupid-self.


Get the Fk out of Haitians' blog. Ain't you proud to be a Dominican?

This is Haitian's blog. So why are you here and desperately want to make your stupid opinions known?

Negroricart, no one is care about what your slow brain is telling about Haiti.

Ok, Haiti can't afford to have an army according to your stupid brain.

That shouldn't be your concern at all. Let it be our problem.

Fk you! Negro.

Go take shower, I can smell you while reading your post.

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