atTatou! Who cares about proper English; who cares other...

Proud To Be Haitian - March 15 2015, 12:55 PM

@Tatou! Who cares about proper English; who cares other nationalities are reading this blog. This is the problem I have with Haitian like you always want to be recognized as better than other.

Who are you to have an inclination to school people how to write on a public site.You sound ignorant for saying that. So, you are telling me that if somebody having an opinion about a subject on this blog and their English is not grammatically corrected therefore they have to go school and learn the proper English and comeback to write a comment with proper English.

LOL. Really! Unless you are preparing a college paper to get an A or A+ from your professor otherwise nobody shouldn't care about that. The real educated people don't really care about that and why you?

There is place and time for everything, and this blog is not a place for you to school people how to write proper.

Many times even English professor made mistake with the English language.

This is online thing and people can come write however they want. This is not a blog full of educated individual only as result other have to write proper English because Doctor so and so going to see their English.

Felicia please.

We don't have reputation for writing bad English; we have reputation for being whoring around.

Coming to America instead of doing something productive, we lost our way to the welfare offices and having babies here and there and take those babies to the American government.

Get your facts straight.

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