Penina Wrote: "I would not want any Dominican allow in my...

Ricart - February 28 2015, 8:11 PM

Penina Wrote: "I would not want any Dominican allow in my country"

Yeah, except when Dominicans are the only one that can save your sorry azz (read the article below).

And Penina is yet another self-serving Haitian living the good life outside Haiti (probably in USA, Canada, France, etc), that dare to criticize the poor Haitians that are forced to immigrate to DR in search of better economic opportunities

Dominican firefighters come to the aid of housing in flames in Haiti


PEDERNALES.- Amid the celebration of the 171 anniversary of the National Dominican Independence day, Dominican Fire Department helped quell a fire in the village of Anse-A-Pitre-Haiti, which originated in a house just meters from the Dominican Consulate.

The fired originated as a result of an oversight in the sale of gasoline.

The smoke that could be observed from a distance worried Dominican nationals who believed that the Dominican embassy was on fire, when in fact it was a private residence that was engulfed in flames.

The property was owned by Haitian national Cocota Moises, whose home was reduced to ashes.

Smoke was seen from the city of Pedernales, where villagers believed the fire was a fire in the aforementioned consular building.

Firelighters from Pedernales, Dominican Republic, moved their water trucks to the village of Anse-a-Pitre-Haiti, to assist the Haitian neighbors, since they lacked the necessary equipments to put out the fire.

The Fire Department from the Dominican Republic was allowed to cross into the town of Anse-a-Pitre-Haiti, where they proceeded help quell what little remained of the of the house, which was reduced to ashes.

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I do not understand why a lot of Haitian going to...

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