atpicart, how come you are an intellectual but not knowing the...

Proud To Be Haitian - February 28 2015, 5:07 AM

@picart, how come you are an intellectual but not knowing the real deal about fail state also you are not a white person just because you're a Dominican, and the list of your wrong informations so long, and it would take me a day or two to line them up for you to see also you have reading comprehension but you want me to believe that you're an intellectual.

Thank God, I know and have enough reading comprehension of words; therefore, I do know and have a complete knowledge of intellectual.

A real intellectual will not write or say thing they can not prove of let alone not knowing their ethnicity.

If you were a real educated Dominican as you claim, you should've known that you need a real source to prove to your audience about whatever you say or do as an educated person.

You need to go to court before a judge or a panel of judges asking for your money back from that college or university you went to because they failed you miserably.

Perhaps you lying about being an intellectual or you went to a little community organization school in your filthy neighborhood.


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@Proud To Be Haitian I am an intellectual giant...

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