"...fail state is where there is nor rule of law people get to...

Ricart - February 27 2015, 9:09 PM

"...fail state is where there is nor rule of law people get to do whatever they want..."

Like some hooligans throwing bottles to the Haitian president?

Like some thugs walking into a diplomatic building and violating the sovereignty of another country?

Like a Haitian official never being able to go to his office since he became Minister of Agriculture?

Like Haitian opposition blaming Government and Witchcraft for Kanaval Incident?

Like Haiti not being able to provide documentations to Haitians in the DR, so they can apply for Dominican citizenship?

Those incidents are the hallmark of a "failed state".

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What do you know about fail state? You have no idea...

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Picart, none of those things are part of fail state...

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