Oh, that is you thinking that Haitian has a lot Here you are...

Proud To Be Haitian - February 27 2015, 5:54 AM

Oh, that is you thinking that Haitian has a lot Here you are again, stupid, ignorant and ignorant.

Picart, nothing you say can or make me feel different than who I am; I am an Haitian and proud to be regardless of what my country is going through or my Haitian people; therefore, you can call me negro all you want, and I can call you a former slave all I want. If you know your story, you should know who you, stupid.

I stated that already--I don't want to go to DR. If you were an smart Dominican, you should've understand that not all Haitian want to be in your Fkn DR. But as stupid as you are, your stupid brain keep telling you to tell me "cross the river" I told your ass that a millions times that I will not cross your stupid river.

I want you to changed that Fkn cross the Fkn river conversation to being free from us. Oh sorry I take it back from my ancestors.

The credit belongs to my ancestors blah blah. For our politicians, I wish another earthquake just for them, so we the good Haitian can take our land back ok. Don't get it twisted, we love our land and want better from our so-called politicians.

Unfortunately, they are bunch of S**t.

I have no respect for them and never will. If they were smart and care for our people, they should have ask for all Haitian in the DR to return home and cut all business from DR. to loss like what. Believe me, to me, it would have been better if all Haitian pick their dignities and comeback home.

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@Camilliene You hate Dominicans? Well, Dominicans...

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