atstupid Picart, I don't want to utilize no good humor talking...

Proud To Be Haitian - February 27 2015, 5:27 AM

@stupid Picart, I don't want to utilize no good humor talking to you about what is going on between your people and my peopl although I am going to try just a little.

First of all, do you think that it is ok for your people to kill my people for no good reason?

Secondly, what kind of reaction do you expect from us Haitian after killing our people?

only the Haitian politicians do not care for the rest of us but we do care for each other, thirdly, do you think that killing Haitian who cross your Fkn river will make things better?

This is your Fkn territory, and you do not want the Haitian to go there ok but do it in a proper way not through violence.

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