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Ricart - February 26 2015, 9:36 PM

@Proud To Be Haitian.

If Haitian politicians are the one preventing Haiti from progressing, then kick them out just like you did with the French.

Beating and kicking out the French should not be a source of pride for Haitians, because French people actually knows how to run a government and country (look at France and Quebec, and then look at Haiti).

I don't know if every Dominican went to school and graduated, but I can tell you that DR has a literacy rate of 90.1%, whereas Haiti has a literacy rate of 47.1%.

The fact that some poor women from the DR had to prostitute themselves in Haiti is deplorable, and so is the fact that Haitian immigrants (women and children) take part in the sex tourism business in the DR.

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You stupid than thought, I said,the Haitian...

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