You stupid than thought, I said, the Haitian politicians are...

Proud To Be Haitian - February 26 2015, 6:14 PM

You stupid than thought, I said, the Haitian politicians are responsible for the situation that Haiti is in. Stupid.

Speaking of the French, we beat them and kick their asses out of our land. You and the other hand, you want to revenge against Haitian now because Haitian politicians are worthless piece of S**t they don't give a S**t about the Haitian people.You want to call Haitian illiteracy although you don't even have reading comprehension to understand my simple writing.

Before you jump to write S**t read every F N thing that I wrote.


You want to tell me that every single Dominican went to school and graduate blah blah blah. No, that would be a Fkn lie. I remember when I was a kid in Haiti Dominican women used to come to Haiti selling sex. And yes, I have yo take credit for what my ancestors did to your ass.

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@Proud To Be Haitian. And you were slaves to the...

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