Today is a good day for me to greet Haiti embassy in the name...

Moise Erick - February 15 2015, 10:03 AM

today is a good day for me to greet Haiti embassy in the name of Jesus Christ.

my name is ERICK Moise, I write to you today just to tell you, my father was an employee who was working at a company called Celebrity cruise

since 1994 the company gave my dad a little off, my father came to Haiti, and the company said my father, when my father came back work, the company is calling my father,

until today the company never called my father entered.

despite all these years my father always Haiti,

but information when my father was in the company:

information to my father

Full name: Eddy Moise

ID number: 01508M

pass.No: 85214133

Position: Cleaner

if we need to make me answer you ask me some information, write on this email: erickedison44 [at]

thanks for the patience and help us

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