Don't worry, Stay in prayer and wait for the coming of...

Patrick Princivil - January 15 2015, 12:46 PM

Don't worry,

Stay in prayer and wait for the coming of Jesus-Christ in the air, our eyes are opened more and more, even thou the super power try to bring excuse to close YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook we will know, the way I see Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter etc will be closed, this mean to block us from sharing their wickedness to the nation, because I am sure God in heaven is not stupid I don't believe he created the earth and the sea with mistake, he said when we see all these thing we will know he will be on his way that doesn't mean he make disaster like that happen, I believe this happen because of the wickedness of the super power in the world and the humanity.

Stay in prayer, the wicked will have to pass wicked like them in sacrifice to Satan and the bad Angels.

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