I came to the conclusion Haiti is cursed, and the country will...

Josy - December 12 2014, 10:18 PM

I came to the conclusion Haiti is cursed, and the country will never be like other small countries in the Caribbean.

I am not saying President Martelly is perfect, and he is human.

I am not, and neither are you. The man has been working hard to clean up the country, and he is doing a fairly good job.
Haitians now want a new president, and I am so sick of it. The thieves who use to steal the country's money are not happy with him, because they can no longer rob the country and are mad about it.
I was feeling hopeful, and was hoping to even visit my country.

I am so disgusted with the politicians, and have not been there in 30 years.

I was for the first time even thinking about the possibility of retiring somewhere peacefully in Haiti, and now I do not.

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