I can ensure you that the Dominican Republic have absolutely...

A Friendly Voice - December 3 2014, 2:01 AM

I can ensure you that the Dominican Republic have absolutely not intention to invade Haiti.

The Dominican constitution prohive such of thing.

Heiti already have the support of the U.N. Instead of being thinking in building an Army, why don't you guys start at the bottom, by building roads, hospitals, schools (free of charge like in DR) etc?

In the situation that Heidi is right now, having an army, will only mean the taken down of every democratically elected president.

A country must build a secure structure first.

I am DOMINICAN, and it's my first time on this site. I have you know that I am a big defender of the haitians Human Rights in the Dominican Republic.

But reading this kind of post, and most of the comments on this site, so negative toward the dominican people, make me see why so many dominican won't defend the haitians.

It's really disappointing.


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mean to say Haiti, NOT Haidi

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