May I ask to whom this salutation when out to? Do we have an...

Ritho Jean Louis - November 25 2014, 9:52 PM

May I ask to whom this salutation when out to?

Do we have an Army in the North?

Those shots meaning something that is not reveal to the general public.

This can only happen in Haiti, this is a wake up call to the nation where else in world can a warship anchor to shoot out 21 bullets without a firm reason.

Stop and think for a minute this is a volunteer conspiracy to take control of the nation.

Watch and know that the acknowledgement made before the world that the British in is in absolute volunteer firepower to protect the oil and gold in the caracol areas of Haiti.

We simply need to pray for no one really care about the people in The north if thry do at least they would have make a siren sound and let the people know they come in peace.

This is not good period.

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