I understand that many ppl think that u av to be granmoun to...

Jean Guerold - September 14 2014, 1:06 PM

I understand that many ppl think that u av to be granmoun to build a business in haiti but for all i know is not a priority cuz i av ppl in my family and friend that av a life they build life in business haiti wat they all did is to study the market and ppl around them my advice to anyone who want to open a business in haiti.

If u wantto be successful u need to study ppl around u for exemple if u can give credit to some ppl when they dont av money they will come straight to ur house when they av money the same with ppl that asking u for change to eat if u usually give them u gonna secure more then obama in haiti and if ur product are lower of course ppl will come to u. My mom open a little thing with a bag of candy now she got a big convinient store where she sale en gro et en detail.

I av a friend who start saling cd on the street and this cd thing help him open a cyber cafe where he does photocopy, fixing computers, now he end up with the bigger business in haiti business work very good back home cuz haiti is a virgine in every way u just need to know how to deal with ppl around u cuz they a the insurans of a business in haiti

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