If 15 people with mask over head and enter the prison like...

Patrick Princivil - August 14 2014, 10:32 AM

If 15 people with mask over head and enter the prison like that?

I think something is totally wrong, if 15 people can freeze a police station what will happen in the future?

President Martelly said in a meeting: his mission is not to fire people in his government, but to teach them the right way I agree with that, but something maybe he forgot to do; to have a better government in Haïti he has to find good people in the Diaspora and the Haitian's government he trust to lead each prison and transfer all the police to new places.

Everybody single Haitian should know 98 percent people of Haïti are corrupt (raqueteurs); Don't be surprise if later we hear Clifford Brandt's family payed them to close their eyes and let the 15 people enter in the prison to release Clifford Brandt from the prison, maybe that operation was doing very late in the night.

Maybe even thou Clifford Brandt don't even know yet who released him from the prison, but the police in the prison should know the 15 people who did that, if they have time to count them they should be able to know more than that; corruption is deep inside churches about government?

Haïti will be beautiful, but bad staff like that will stop to happen about a next 25 years after the older corrupt police, and corrupt people who was in the army of Haïti from 1957-2014 die; the new generation will enjoy the beauty of Haïti.


Don't blame goverman lakay and réponse payizan, yon payi ki démoli nan corruption dépi 1957-2010; yon payi ki démoli nan tremblement de terre paka fixé nan 2 jour, travay ké yap fè la a difisil anpil e yap vi-n ak bon solution au nom de Jésus.

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