This was a very good question, and I can accept the protection...

Roosevelt - August 9 2014, 12:02 PM

This was a very good question, and I can accept the protection answer, which the forefathers addressed that issue 200 years ago, but what is the excuse today, to understand the reality facing this issue, one need to visit a border towns and immediately it will hit you, MISMANAGEMENT, NEGLIGENCE, and lack of respect on the Haitian side, by local Haitians, you can't demand respect from the Dominicans, when you don't respect yourselves, you need to clean your house prior to inviting visitors, yes I said it, I'm from Belladere, and there are many spots on the road where asphalt was once laid in 1948 by president Stenio Vincent, so therefore we had the capability, resources and will power to accomplish this, why in 2014 the roads are in this condition, basically instead of moving forward, we went backwards, I will always Love and visit Belladere and hope one day to move there and contribute in any capacity that I can, however, I'm tired of making excuse for my countryman, when you do that, you are setting the bar to low, and that is a recipe for failure.

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