Bravo fellow Woodring! You nail it right on the spot. You may...

Sem Moise Philippe - August 8 2014, 2:15 PM

Bravo fellow Woodring! You nail it right on the spot. You may remember my last week comment to your article showing some building renovation work across the border.

During my preparatory researches for my BAC in Haiti I came across this type of thought: " Until the far reaching mountains of the Eastern part of Hispaniola, Dominican teaches to the young compatriot a villain and negative image of Haitian.

moreover, no mercy for been occupied for more than two decades".

It's unfortunate that we are issued from a disruptive society which is still to get rebuilt from the remnants of the past. We cannot count on a strong unification of our people.

Yes, this type of work could forcefully change our image.

Let us hope some day the modernization of HAITI and the eastern border could become a realty.

Sem Moise Philippe

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