Actually many of the so-called Dominican border towns and...

Hugues - August 8 2014, 12:51 PM

Actually many of the so-called Dominican border towns and cities were once Haitian territory.

The border has been redrwan many times, with each redrawing preceded by violence from Dominicans against Haitians and pushing Haitians further inland.

And the Haitian military being a mostly repressive force against its own people unable or unwilling to defend Haitians against Dominicans.

My own motber was born behind God's back in the border town of Lamiel, near Cerca-La Source.

Up until 1929, the date of the last redrawing of the border, Lamiel was on Dominican territory.

It became Haitian by the fate of the drawing pencil.

My mother told me so many times about her vivid chilhood memories of the Dominican slaughter of Haitians in 1937. She recalled the endless dark lines of people as far as the eyes could see in all kinds of horrifyng states (arms and legs literally hanging by the skin, people carrying their bowels in their hands, half dead babies) streaming into Lamiel, running away from Dominican machetazos.

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"Actually many of the so-called Dominican border...

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